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  GP66, celebrating 39 years of unmatched cleaning power and proudly made in the USA!




GP66 Tackles the Toughest Cleaning Jobs!!!

GP66 is guaranteed to eliminate pet stains and odors!
Cleans pet mess, stains and odor out of your carpets.
Wipe away baked-on grease and grime with GP66!
Cleans your greasy stainless steel without leaving streaks or haze.
Got a dingy driveway or walkway?  Not with GP66!
Cleans your oily, grimy & dirty concrete fast, easy, safe and affordable.

You can clean just about anything better, safer, easier, faster for less with GP66 Miracle Cleaner.

GP66 Miracle Cleaner is a biodegradable, concentrated, environmentally friendly cleaner/degreaser that is powerful enough to clean diesel engines and yet gentle enough to clean carpeting and to use in kitchens.

GP66 Miracle Cleaner is a ONE "do-it-all" cleaner/degreaser that cleans just about anything and anywhere. cabinets and desk areas, floors of all kinds, stainless steel, concrete stains, ovens, boats and RVs, engines large and small, to laundry...and so much more!

GP66 Miracle Cleaner is the best formula, world wide, with outstanding cleaning ability that cleans just about anything at an affordable price. It's a heavy-duty product that can be diluted with water and rinses 100% free of residue!

Learn how GP66 can solve all of your cleaning problems - just select your use above!

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